so darkness I became


newt probably looks down at thomas every single second and says,

"i didn’t mean any of what i said. i wish i could take it all back."
“i don’t hate you. never could.”
“i’m really proud of you. for everything you’ve done.”
“i wish you’d stop feeling guilty. i asked you specifically to do it.”
“i am always going to look out for you.”
“i love you, tommy. a lot. i wish i would have told you how much you really meant to me.”


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I don’t know how history will judge the actions of WICKED, but I state here for the record that the organization only ever had one goal, and that was to preserve the human race. And in this last act, we have done just that. As we tried to instill in each of our subjects over and over again, WICKED is good.

I just finished the death cure and I can’t stop crying

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harry potter meme: 
one house [1/1]: slytherin

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you can just tell that Nicki Minaj is the kind of person that when you’re telling a story and everyone else in the group is talking over you, she’s making direct eye contact with you and paying extra attention so that you don’t get discouraged and stop mid-story

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ZUHAIR MURAD Spring/Summer RTW 2015

hogwarts founders + moodboards - salazar slytherin

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"I enjoy getting lost in general. If I go to a city, my favourite thing to do is to go and get lost, and if I get lost in a character, that’s perfect, and if I don’t get lost in a character, that’s when something is wrong."

—Thomas Brodie-Sangster * (via newtalby)
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